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how to record call on iPhone without app

How to Record Call on iPhone Without App? Check 5 Best Ways!

There could be plenty of legal reasons to record a call either for personal or professional reasons, and all within the legal range. It is not permissible to record a user’s call on an iPhone because customer privacy is the top priority of Apple. To record a call for legal purposes, you have to obtain the consent of both parties and can legitimately record calls.

Recording is not a built-in feature of any iPhone or IOS user, hence, moving to the third-party app will be the best bet for you.

Although there are no official means that will provide you with a call recording facility, we have some workaround on how to record call on iPhone without app.

Without any further ado, let’s jump to the post.

How to Record Call on iPhone Without App

Whatever may be the reason, you can record iphone calls, using various methods. Here are some best and most efficient ways to record calls on an iPhone.

  • Tape ACall Pro

Equipped with a robust in-built audio recorder, feature Tape ACall is one of the best apps that enables you to record all incoming as well as outgoing calls with ease. Using this app you can record unlimited calls and can access them from the Tape call phone server. Apart from this,  it also lets you transcribe your recorded calls. 

  • Call Recorder -Int Call

With a very user-friendly interface and well-organized functionality, Call Recorder- Int Call is a premier call recording app that allows you to call incoming as well as outgoing calls and captures the conversation from both sides flawlessly.

  • Rev Call Recorder

The top-rated call recorder Rev Call Recorder provides you with a user-friendly interface and offers a reliable way to record iphone calls and capture and manage call recordings on your device. One of the most dedicated apps Rev lets you share recorded calls with others via email and messaging apps.

  • Google Voice

Offering you free VOIP services, Google Voice is an excellent voice recording app that lets you forward calls to Google Voice and this app is exclusively available in the USA. It enables you to make both domestic as well as international calls and can record phone calls too.

  • Automatic Call Recorder 

Highly rated app Automatic Call Recorder, lest you to record incoming and outgoing calls and you can save it in ng cloud storage like Google Drive and Drop box. The app has all the facilities that will meet your requirement 

Relying on your preferences, you can pick any from the above list as these are the top-rated apps that let you the call recording facility with ease.

Final Words

Now you are acquainted with all the ways to record iphone calls, opt for any method, and you are good to go.

Before picking the app, you must abide by all the rules and regulations of your state as every state has its own. 

Moreover choosing a third-party app will be the best choice for you to record calls on iPhone despite having a lack of an inbuilt call recording feature on Apple devices. To dig deeper into it must visit the site once.

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