Best Crypto Social Media Platforms to Advertise Crypto Projects

There are billions of social media users around the world who are most of the time online. This gives unprecedented leverage to try and advertise, promote, or market new crypto projects to a diverse target audience. It is hard to start and launch new crypto projects without clear plans for their promotion. That is where crypto social media platforms are aiding developers with unique aspects of advertisement strategies.

In this blog, we examine the best crypto social platforms that are reinforcing the advertising paradigms for new crypto projects.

Bitcoin Social

bitcoin social

Bitcoin Social is a new cryptocurrency social media platform with tonnes of features and functions Besides, it gives users and enthusiasts great ways to connect, share, and grow their crypto assets. The online social platform facilitates crypto enthusiasts, investors, traders, and other community members to learn and grow crypto assets. They get all the latest crypto market trends, access to curated content, and expert advice that enhances their crypto portfolios. Moreover, there is a vibrant crypto social community, a live crypto forum, crypto news, and crypto marketing features to promote crypto threadbare. Besides the use of the latest up-to-date crypto data, the platform helps users make the best informed decisions for cryptocurrency investments. The crypto marketing feature and the crypto social network are fertile grounds to advertise crypto projects.


As the largest social media network, there are no limits to advertising and leverage. Facebook has several operational crypto communities sharing great content and the latest trends. From regular webinars to podcasts, video messages, audio clips, and images, there are multiple ways to advertise crypto projects successfully. The social platform boasts a large crypto community and an eager audience willing to learn about and engage in all new crypto projects.


Telegram has emerged lately as a major player in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology spaces. There are millions of users belonging to different cryptocurrency communities on Telegram. The social channel is vibrant with crypto-related news, webinars, analysis reports, live forums, and many other features crucial for new crypto users and enthusiasts. There are primary discussion forums that attract millions of members wanting to learn about new crypto offerings, innovations, and the latest trends. Keeping an engaging presence across all the relevant Telegram channels is essential to gaining more visibility and prominence on social media. Crypto projects are leveraging Telegram’s accessibility and reach to advertise their crypto projects to new audiences with ease.


This is an open-source crypto social platform. The platform focuses on photo and video content sharing. The social network has a blockchain currency, the SOCX token. It rewards users for creating and distributing content. SocialX features like superlikes reward users with tokens from its pool each time they receive superlikes. The advantage is that it helps to create a bigger social community of content creators who win power and earn money based on the quality of their content. The SocialX network has wide engagement and commitment with independent content creators, developers, and influencers who are interested in earning tokens by posting creative images and videos. This is the best way to post and advertise crypto projects in a creative and engaging way on a robust social platform.

Sapien Social Network

This is a custom and democratic social news platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. Sapien’s aim is to create and empower decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) using cryptocurrencies. A community-driven project where sense makers, creators, leaders, advocates, etc. build the republic every day. It assures freedom of speech and free transactions for all digital assets. Users can collaborate, submit proposals, and participate in discussions. They can give posts and lead initiatives to followers with whom they resonate. Sapien lets users fund or support crypto projects via cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. You can control your budget and develop ideas in a safe environment with reliable members.

Why rely on Bitcoin Social for successful advertisement of crypto projects?

Advertising is the promotion of a product or service through paid channels or platforms. It aims to promote a company’s products or services and raise the profile of the business and brand name.

  • Bitcoin Social helps crypto projects increase their visibility and prominence, besides growing a larger customer base.
  • Engage with crypto enthusiasts, investors, traders, and other community members to connect, share, and grow crypto assets.
  • Crypto projects benefit from a live discussion forum and a large crypto social network community for enhanced exposure.

Concluding remarks

Today, cryptocurrency social media platforms offer great ways for crypto projects to promote and thrive on the market. Crypto projects and brands can gain greater visibility on social media platforms with high conversion prospects.

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