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8 Tips for Customising Old Boots and Giving Them a New Life

Old boots shouldn’t be thrown away, especially if it’s not too worn out. If you haven’t used your boots for quite some time, they may show signs of usage and some of the designs may start to fade away. However, you can still do something to save it.

Nowadays, you can find a lot of sources and materials to help you customise your old pair of boots. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how can transform women’s boots into something new.

1. Clean and Repair

Before you get started with the customisation, make sure to clean the boots thoroughly. Remove the dirt and other stains using a brush or damp cloth, but make sure to do it gently. If your boots are made of leather, you can also use leather cleaner to improve the overall look.

Once the boots are clean, observe each part for loose stitching and other damages, and repair them. You can sew the loose stitches or glue them. After stitching or repairing the boots, it’s time to move on to the next step.

2. Plan the Design

Before diving into the full-on women’s boots restoration, getting to know your style and planning the design of your boots is vital in this project. It’s important to have a clear goal when customising women’s boots for a better result. In addition, you can also prepare the things you need in advance.

You can look at Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube for inspiration and to know the tools and equipment you need. Take time to consolidate all the designs you like. You can create a mood board of all your inspirations and come up with the final design. You can start with patterns, colours, and overall feel when finalising your design.

3. Paint and Dye

The most common and easiest way to customise women’s boots is by painting or dyeing them. Although paint is easier, others prefer the effect of dyes. Besides, this is effective if your boots are made of fabric-like materials.

Aside from colours, you should try experimenting using shapes and patterns. Try drawing or painting them on paper first before doing it on your boots. Meanwhile, when painting on the actual boots, try to maintain a thin layer of paint so that it can dry easily and won’t come off easily once sealed.

When experimenting with colours, patterns, and designs, make sure to choose something that complements your style.

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4. Additional Embellishments

Another way to include your personality is to add embellishments, such as patches, studs, embroidery, and stones. You can glue them on or sew them for more security. Of course, you should be able to include these in your plan, so that the finished product won’t be over-designed.

When experimenting with different embellishments, make sure they match the other designs such as colours and fabrics used.

5. Lace and Sole Swaps

Aside from additional designs, you can also change the lace and sole of the boots. Depending on the other additionals, You can switch to a bolder and more colourful lace or neutral. For instance, if you want to keep a minimalist design, switch to a few levels higher than the current lace you have.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the sole, you can also find colourful ones, or similar to what you currently have. So, again, you need to decide on the sole based on the overall aesthetics of the boots that you’re looking for.

6. Patchwork and Fabric Inserts

For a design that requires fabric inserts and patchwork, you can look at old denim pants or jackets, and cut some patterns that you find interesting. This is a great addition if there are parts of the boots that are a bit worn out. If you don’t prefer denim, other fabric types will also work, like animal prints and florals.

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7. Experiment with Decoupage

Another must-try way to personalise your boots is through Decoupage. It’s a type of art that uses coloured paper cutouts and glue to create a design. Usually, Decoupage is used to decorate boxes, vases, and furniture. However, it can also work in your boots.

8. Protect Your Creation

Once you’re done with your design, the final step is to protect your creation. You can apply a top coat like sealant or waterproofing spray to seal all elements of your boots. Applying a top coat can prolong the design you’ve created, and it can look fresh for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Customising old boots and sneakers is becoming more popular. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, or just want to use your favourite pair once more, customising is the way to go. Besides, since most boots are becoming more expensive, maximising the use of your boots can save you money.

We hope this article gives you ideas on how to start customising your old pair of boots. If you want to give more tips and ideas, kindly comment them below!




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