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7 Ideas for your new rustic house

Now that you have finally decided to spend the post-retirement life in a rustic homestead, don’t look back. Be it your regular Tuscan-style house or a farmhouse, the word rustic is out there to define a typical country-style farm look away from the ruthlessness of city life. To put it simply in the definition, the term rustic is used to describe a natural, rough and aged outlook of the houses. Remember the houses in tales of snow white, these houses resemble the same. Various elements are used like timber-looking tiles, contrasting the flower vase to give you that perfect Tuscan look. So for this article, we shall be exploring ways you can convert the house into “a perfect rustic house”. 

7 Ways to turn your average house into a rustic house

Below is curated a guide which will help you to formulate a Tuscan and coastal house for your post-retirement.

1. Emphasise the naturalness

One of the most underlying features of the rustic house is that it requires some of the natural materials which nuclides fabrics like burlap and canvas. the use of materials like wood, cotton, stone and textured fabrics is important. For the flooring options, you can use timer-look tiles which give you hinges and tinges of rustic wood. In case you are confused or are unable to create a picture of what your rustic house looks like, then consider looking at the Provence, English or Scandinavian notes.

2. Rustic is equal to handmade

As discussed earlier rustic houses are usually made of wooden materials and polished concrete look tiles. This adds more of an acute style and tinge to your house. However apart from the tiles, minimalism is what persists throughout the furniture options are concerned. Cozy, easy and comfortable these are heavy wood furniture which are made from raw logs and boards.

3. Gritty as it gets

The tiles are polished concrete look tiles, the materials are polished, but the furniture and fabrics when they assimilate together add a bit of roughness to them. As mentioned earlier looking at walls are those which use natural materials gives you the experience of a king caveman who has just ruled the jungle community. It is not only the timer-look tiles which make the house attractive, what makes it attractive is statement pieces like a fire, a wooden rocking chair or a mahogany wood table. So it is this that makes your house looks more of a rustic look.

4. You would not mind a wooden coffee table

Wooden textures like timber look tiles resemble tables made of wood, add as a statement piece to your rustic home décor. They add an ageing appearance to your house and suit best with the overall hues and colour pallet of your house. Since we are talking about statement pieces, you need to understand there are times when you do not need too much furniture at home. One or two wooden handmade pieces would be enough.

These include wooden lanterns, floor lights and other forms of chandeliers that can elevate the overall experience of your house. Accessorizing your house with plaid accessories is ubiquitous in the world of rustic and cabin-style houses. The colourful accessories are a great way to add weight to your natural and earthy tones of colour.

5. All about airy and functionality

Most of the rustic houses are a retreat to your living experience. it makes your style of living much more a beachy one. Line your flooring with either timber-looking tiles or wooden flanks. To complement the flooring option consider going for a calming palette which complements the wooden accents of your house. The high-ended wooden benches that you station at your house make sure to cover them with white sheets of blanket that can complement the entire look of your house.

6. Large glass panes for all the natural light

To get that open airy feel of the house there are certain characteristics that you can include and glass panes are one of them. Avoid using draperies and choose the window coverings instead.

7.      Brick is that an option

Yes, using accessories made of brick in the house is a great way of decorating the house. Now for this time, instead of using timber look tiles, you can directly give your house a lining with bricks. The unfinished and kilned look of the house gives a different look altogether. You may either let the wall serve as decoration and keep them near the fireplace or a mounted stand piece.

Wrapping up

In sum, this can be deciphered that having a rustic-style house requires an acquired taste for housing. There are various flooring options like timber look tiles which can elevate your house. The piece above has a lot of options so consider looking into these.

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