14 Engaging Content Writing Topics For Practice

You can follow these topics and build skills for content writing:

#1: Baking

Baking is a technical skill; you can help bakers with written content. Practice this topic and understand how you can create content. You can provide them with measuring ingredients, baking items, descriptions, ways to decorate desserts, and certain instructions for their recipe.

In this way, you can contribute to increased profitability in the baking business, and it’s an easy way to write for it.  Because most housewives need to be better educated but want to promote their business, you can easily help them.

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#2: Travel – One of the Trending Topics for Article Writing

Traveling blogs are full of adventure; people who cannot afford to go anywhere prefer to read travel blogs. You can practice this topic too. You should tell me about your travel experience if you have visited famous places. In this way, you can start writing a blog. People who need more time to write about their travel experiences always look for content writers who can write about their experiences.

For a travel blog, you should know about the different cultures, traits, customs, and food diversity of the place you will write about.

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#3: Fashion

The fashion industry is the most diverse form of industry, and if you have an interest in fashion blogs, it would be a plus point for your skill. You can start it for fun and can earn, too. When you write fashion blogs, you can catch the attention of millions of people on your website. It is one of the famous niches that keep trending, and people always keep finding the best ways to look better.

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#4: Music

You can also write a comprehensive overview of the evolution of classical music, pop, or different forms of music.  It is also fun; if writing song lyrics is your hobby, you should take it at an earning platform. You can write the lyrics of different songs in English. You can help people understand a Spanish song in their local language because people love to understand the words of their favorite song.

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#5: Skin Care

Who doesn’t care about its skin? Skincare and beauty are the trending topics people love to look flawless, and millions of people follow the instructions of their beauty experts. What if you become part of that content? It is very simple to start your blog and write about the tips and tricks to follow for glowing and healthy skin. So, get a domain on this topic from simple remedies and expand your knowledge.

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#6: Health and Nutrition

Health and nutrition is one of the trending topics. People have become aware and want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Most of them are searching for ways to lose weight and don’t know how.

You can help them by writing simple tips to maintain a healthy weight. Or other high-quality content on health niche. If you are a student of science, then it is not a heavy task; you can do it with the help of your understanding skills. Learn the tips for writing a conversational blog and attract people to your site.

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#7: Cooking Recipes

Writing a blog on cooking recipes can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. You can also help other people and clients who want to write content on recipes. You can build your successful cooking recipe blog with time and effort. Make your style strong and write in a way you are helping your audience in cooking, not just giving instructions.

#8: Artificial Intelligence – Content Writing Topics For Practice

The most interesting topic of 2023 is artificial intelligence (AI); in it, you can cover a wide range of topics based on AI, including its merits, demerits, important aspects in education, health, news, designing, editing, gaming, and health. Just keep going with consistency and sending your content on your site. You will get sustainable results in a short period.

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#9: Climate Change

Another important topic you can write about is climate change. You can discuss the importance of the environment and sustainability. You can spread awareness and educate people to adopt ecofriendly behavior to save our earth.

#10: Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is also a vast and dynamic field. You can get numerous content opportunities. You can discuss and write on content marketing, content distribution, Search Engine Optimization, email, and influencer marketing techniques. Stay updated with digital marketing and provide relevant and timely information to your readers if you are interested in these fields.

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#11: Social Media

You will find social media the best tool for practice purposes; if you want to write about something you want, then you should join different platforms to write your feelings or thoughts. You can write on medium.com, quora.com, or in Facebook groups.

#12: Space Exploration

If you are a big fan of curious topics, you should write about space exploration. You can tell your readers about the advancements and how space scientists are finding opportunities to live on different planets other than Earth. So, always choose a topic of your interest for writing purposes or you want to practice.

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#13: Sports and Games

Writing content on sports and games helps you create trending content that helps you engage enthusiasts, players, and fans. Keep your target audience with sports news, player interviews, game recaps, sports history, and training details. Choose the best tips to create high-quality content and balance entertainment and information.

#14: Books Reviews

Most of the time, people love to read a book after reading reviews from social media or websites where that book is available. You can create an easy way for people to start writing relevant reviews. It will increase your site’s ranking on search engines.

Above, I have just made a list to suggest content writing topics for practice. There are thousands of more topics you can also think about. Our purpose is just to help you to develop your writing content. You can tell us in the comment session if you have more suggestions.

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Another point I would like to discuss with you is the target audience. When you write an article, you should follow the rules of conversational writing and always target your audience because they are the ones who will help you to rank your content.

These skills also improve the format and learn the writing tips that help your content rank easily. Understand using title, heading, and subheading to contextualize the reading content.



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