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WestJet Name Change Free

WestJet Name Change Fee: Tips & Tricks

Booked WestJet flight ticket with an incorrect name? There is nothing to worry about; passengers can easily correct a name on the flight ticket by following the policy. It’s important to make essential modifications, as the airline doesn’t allow passengers to fly with an incorrect name. WestJet provides travelers flexibility and exclusive service when making corrections to their flight tickets. The airline permits passengers to make vital changes to their name as per the policy. However, remember that name change is subject to the WestJet name change fee. The blog will help you understand the name change policy, fees, and how to save on fees. 

WestJet Name Change Policy Terms and Conditions 

WestJet permits passengers to change their name based on their ticket type. Travelers can correct a name on unflown flight segments but can’t change the passenger type. 

  • The passengers can change their names only on the tickets issued by WestJet Airlines. 
  • WestJet flight reservations will be re-issued in the higher or similar class of service. If no flight ticket in the initial booking class exists, the traveler is responsible for the fee for upgrading to the upcoming available booking class. 
  • In case of misspelled names, travelers can alter about three letters on the first, middle, and last names. The WestJet name change fee will apply. 
  • The airlines don’t charge an infant name change fee if that name applies to the adult flying with the infant. 
  • Per the policy, by providing the official documents, the airline allows name change because of marriage or divorce. These documents include court decrees, divorce agreements, or marriage certificates. 
  • Travelers must request a name change 24 hours prior to the departure.  

How to Request for WestJet Name Change on ticket?

There are multiple ways to ease name changes on WestJet flight tickets. The following are the same: 

WestJet Name Change Online 

The passengers can request name change online through the official website using the instructions below. 

  • First, go to the official WestJet Airlines website and select the Manage Booking option. 
  • Then, input the booking reference and last name to access your booking summary and hit the Confirm tab. 
  • Choose the passenger name and flight segment for correction. 
  • Hit the Change tab and specify the correct name. You can correct only three letters. 
  • Pay the WestJet name change fee on the checkout page to complete the procedure. 
  • After this, you will obtain a confirmation from WestJet Airlines. 

WestJet Name Change Offline 

Another secure and reliable way to change or alter a name is via customer service. Passengers can request a name change for the following reasons. 

  • Name change due to legal compulsion like divorce or marriage. 
  • Inverted name modification. 
  • Add or remove title/suffix/prefix. 

Remember, while making corrections with WestJet, you should provide a copy of a legal ID that supports name change. 

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How Much Does WestJet Airlines Charge for Name Change?

If you want to correct the spelling of your booking on the flight ticket, you can make it for free within a 24 hours grace period. Name changes outside 24 hours of reservation required a fee and fare difference, if any. 

  • WestJet name change fee depends on the fare type and destination. 
  • The fee can vary based on the class of tickets. Preminu, Business, Economy, or Economy Flex class ticket fees are between $120 and $150. 
  • WestJet charges between $150 to $175 for international travel. 

When is WestJet Name Change Free?

There are situations that let you request name change or modification for free. Like:

  • Simple Name Corrections: The minor or typo corrections under three letters are free. Name correction exceeding three characters requires passengers to pay the fee. Fare difference might apply. 
  • 24-Hour of Flight Booking: Name corrections or changes within the 24-hour grace period are free. However, the travelers must submit valid documents to justify the change. 
  • Legal Name Change: WestJet allows travelers to change a name only in case of divorce, marriage, or adoption. As per the name change policy, you don’t need to pay the WestJet name change fee. You should request a name change over the phone via customer service. Keep your legal documents handy before requesting the change. 

Final Words 

WestJet allows name changes in specific situations, including minor corrections or changes due to marriage. However, name change comes at WestJet name change fee, rules, and conditions. Contact WestJet Airlines customer service or visit the website for the latest updates. Also, you can dial  +1-800-865-1848 to talk with travel experts and get the most correct and up-to-date information. 

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