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How to integrate Ayur medicine in your daily life?

Are you one of those who is tired of the doctor’s prescription with medicines that are only giving you side effects after side but it is not curing or is of no benefit to you? If it is a yes, then it is high time you switch to Ayur medicine from your everyday other Westernized general medicine. If you consider treating yourself using an integrative approach to heal from your issues and treat yourself holistically then Ayurveda is the one-stop solution that you have. So for the following piece, we shall be exploring ways Ayur Medicine, can help you upgrade your lifestyle and help you combat some of the chronic diseases that you might as well have integrated or are approaching.

Types of Ayurvedic treatment for an upgraded lifestyle

Ayurveda is a way of life. It should be integrated into the lifestyle and has to be a part of your life. Below are listed some herbs and a set of circumstances which can be used for a better lifestyle.

·  Ashwagandha

Traditional Ayur Medicine can be used to decrease stress and calm your body. In addition, this can enhance your memory and help you promote your thyroid health. Also known as winter cherry or Indian Ginseng” its attribution is to bring you the stamina of a horse and nourish the reproductive system of both men and women. The consumption of this should not be taken abruptly. Consult “Ayurveda Doctors Near Me” for the best results and the composition as well.

· Licorice

Not only in ayur medicine but also found in Greek and Egyptian medicines is known for its sweet taste and has several herbalist properties. This is known for providing you instant relief from acidity, helping you clear and control stomach ulcers and reducing the ama which is the actual root cause of your poor health. In case you are suffering from hair fall and prevents dandruff from growing on your hair.

· Triphala

This is yet another Ayurvedic remedy which is used by various kinds of other medicinal herbs and properties like amla bibhitak and haritaki. This herb is known to reduce the inflammation caused by arthritis, prevent and limit several kinds of chronic diseases and help you to reduce abdominal pain, and gut disorders. In case you are suffering from any kind of dental issues like plaque build-up, or excessive tartar build then this ayur medicine is useful in getting rid of these dental and chronic health issues.

Some therapies to consider for health longevity

There are some, therapies that you can get from Ayur medicine.

· Kati Basti treatment

As and when we grow, our childhood fades away, and all that creeps is immense back pain. Performing this is massage, in addition to some medicated oil over the back for a specific situation. There are certain potlis or puddles of oil which are traced and used to give you slow but internally solved back issues. Once this massage is done the target region gets exposed and you get a soothing and cooling effect.

· Njavara Kizhi Treatment

This is a traditional Ayurvedic massage therapy, which is used by cooking rice, milk and herbal extracts and helps you induce perspiration. Njavara Kizhi Treatment is specific and is used for arthritis patients or any other kind of acute or chronic musculoskeletal discomfort.

· Abhyanga massage

This is a traditional full body massage which is usually performed by using medicated oils. The oil is slightly heated and is of course a medicated oil. The oil is heated before it is applied to the entire body from head to toe. Some of the innate benefits of this massage is reduces blood circulation and relieves all inflammation.

· Panchkarma treatment

From the hinterland of Ayur Medicine comes this panchakarma treatment, holistic, all comprehensive, known for its herbalist practice, massage used for centuries. This treatment is further divided into sub-therapies like the Vamana therapy, virechana treatment, and basti treatment. This therapy involves administering medicated oils and ghee over some time which is used to agitate the doshas which eventually helps you to throw up or vomit. Panchkarma is known for keeping your kapha and Prakriti in place and helps you to keep your chakras aligned.

· Uzhichil

A comprehensive Kalari massage that restores all the damaged tissues, and nervous and muscular systems. In the heart of Ayur medicine, this is one of the most rejuvenating massages that involves intense oiling and includes massages of various parts of the body. In addition, this also includes a systematic application of pressure keeping in mind the pressure that you have deemed to your practitioner or therapist. Always consult Ayurveda Doctors Near Me for the best results and do not try this on your own.

Wrapping up

In sum, while we reach the concluding statements, Ayur medicine is a way of life which should be integrated into your lifestyle. This not only helps in upgrading your lifestyle but, also helps you to control and manage several chronic diseases.

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