Five Stylish Ideas For Your Flap Denim Bag

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Check out our cooking oil poster for more information. For other batteries, including rechargeable and button, see our Battery Recycling poster. Need to see more examples of projects? Bikes are collected with help from the Glenwood Lions Club (donated to Bikes for the World) and Free Bikes 4 Kidz Maryland (small bikes and trikes refurbished for local children in need). Whether it’s a huge renovation or small home project, please visit our Construction & Demolition page for what to do with debris material (drywall, sheetrock, siding, etc.) you no longer need. There are many local donation options and pick-up organizations to give your used furniture and home goods a second life. Not all containers are recyclable. Check out our guide for correct disposal of carry out/take out food containers. Please refer to the CFL recycling poster for proper disposal of other bulbs and tubes. Please be sure that ash has cooled before disposal. Fireplace, grill and cigarette ash can be disposed at the Residents’ Convenience Center at Alpha Ridge Landfill. Ash is not acceptable for curbside trash due to the potential fire hazard.

They should NOT be thrown in the trash. Used furnace filters cannot be recycled and should be disposed in your household trash. Alkaline batteries after 1995 are OK to be disposed of in your regular trash. To make the shoulder bag sewing pattern, measure 6.5 x 6 inches on a regular piece of paper. For a jean short that’s pre-styled, consider a pleated pair or one with a paper bag waist, topped off with a coordinating belt or tie. One way is to simply use an old shirt or dress and cut it into a backpack shape. It would have been pretty trivial to wash-and-wear the one tank top, since it would have had plenty of time to dry on the day I wore the dress. I have a bunch of these totes and the pattern is one of favorites! And with every tote bag and purse pattern in this list being free, you can quickly build a pattern stash that will keep you sewing for weeks!

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Use sewing patterns to cut out the pattern pieces from each side of the material. Old denim makes a great substitution when you use it as reusable gift wrap. Thank you so much for the great ideas! Our Sustainable Shopping page is a great resource to help navigate packaging, ecolabels and confusing recycling symbols. For a complete list of acceptable recyclable paper, please see our Curbside Collections page. Love your page! Very informative and simple to understand. Love this black and white striped ceramic bowl! I used some leftover denim and some funky leftover curtain fabric for outside with a cheap thin cotton to line the inside, also leftovers and it looks really great, I just love it. I love it! You did a great job with the straps too. However, the coffee inside the pods can be composted in your backyard compost pile. Pickup up a FREE backyard compost bin to get started or participate in our Feed the Green Bin Food Scrap Collection program. Compost items such as banana peels, vegetable scraps, coffee grounds and egg shells to make a nutrient-rich soil. At this time, coffee pods are NOT acceptable in curbside recycling.

Crayons are NOT acceptable in curbside recycling. If you can’t reuse the boxes, clean cardboard (free of plastic) can be recycled in our curbside recycling program (must be flattened to under 6′ in width) or at the Residents’ Convenience Center at Alpha Ridge Landfill. Gently used hard & soft cover books can be taken to our drop-off at the Residents’ Convenience Center at Alpha Ridge Landfill or other charitable organizations listed below. This media is NOT recyclable curbside or at Alpha Ridge Landfill. These devices should be disassembled before being safely disposed with Household Hazardous Waste collection at Alpha Ridge Landfill. Undecorated artificial trees and wreaths can be recycled with scrap metal at the Residents’ Convenience Center at Alpha Ridge Landfill. Recycle cell phones and chargers with Electronics at the Residents’ Convenience Center at Alpha Ridge Landfill or take them back to your cell phone company. Undecorated live trees and wreaths can be recycled in the Wood Waste Area at Alpha Ridge Landfill. Used cooking oil can be recycled at the Residents’ Convenience Center at Alpha Ridge Landfill.