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Everything you need to know about POLOSCOPY-OOCYTE Spindle View

Poloscopy-oocyte spindle view

Have you heard about the poloscopy spindle view? It’s one of the approaches that’s used in advanced infertility care to transform the entire approach for the better. At the top-rated IVF Centre in Punjab, the approach is available to offer a better analysis of the meiotic spindle and zona pellucida features of the non-invasive technique. The technique requires the use of a tool named ad meiotic spindle that includes checking egg maturity. So, for infertile couples, the procedures offer an effective approach on all possible levels.


Poloscope is an advanced approach that allows for checking the problem in oocytes (eggs). When you talk to the fertility doctor about the Test tube baby Cost in Punjab, make sure to get the necessary information on the same and accordingly begin the necessary process to have greater ease in everything.


Helps to effectively analyze the egg development

The procedure requires proper criteria to check egg development. By checking the egg’s health, it’s easier to choose the best one that is appropriate for fertilization. The investigation makes everything work effectively and is managed in a controlled environment. The spindle view attempts to get a number of things done effectively like:

  • Check cumulus and zona morphology
  • Crtoplasic features like granulation
  • Polar body features include fragmentation and size
  • Refractile bodies

The spindle makes it much easier and more effective to have a predictive feature that is appropriate for egg selection, especially during IVF treatment.


Primary use for ICSI

The poloscope spindle view is a new and inventive technique in the field of infertility care. So, couples who have been on this road for a long time can choose advanced and inventive methods to boost the chances of conception. Most importantly, make fertilization has a higher success rate in achieving the necessary results.

If you talk about the poloscope spindle view, then it’s regarding the ICSI treatment. Its main aim is to check the inside of the egg and know exactly where the spindle is present. The prime purpose is to ensure there’s no harm in the entire process while it’s being done. It’s a tool that has revolutionized the method of entire working for fertility care.

Look for an experienced fertility doctor

Being an inventive technology, one thing is certainly not everyone knows the approach or the way it works. Therefore, it’s important that you look for an experienced and skilled surgeon to get it done with ease. You should select an IVF doctor through the following approach:

  • Check the expertise of the doctor by going through the website.
  • Check the previous testimonials and reviews of the patients.
  • Check the treatment option or service they provide
  • Check whether they allow you to have an initial consultation and give you the opportunity to clear all your necessary doubts.


Final word!

Gem Hospital & IVF Centre is one of the top-rated places for patients who are looking for infertility care. Schedule an initial consultation to make an informed decision.

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