Polybutylene Terephthalate Prices: Latest Price, News, Market Analysis, Historical & Forecast, Database, Chart

In the first half of 2023, Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) prices in Asia showed mixed behavior due to fluctuations in demand from the automotive, polymer, and EV sectors. Low prices at the start were followed by an increase due to a widening demand-supply gap and rising crude oil costs. In Europe, prices inclined in Q1 but … Read more

Platinum Prices Today, Price Chart and Forecast Analysis Provided by Procurement Resource

Platinum (Pt) is a metal element with an atomic number of 78 which is found in alluvial deposits, or it is produced as a byproduct in the process of refining copper and nickel. Its melting and boiling points measure around 1770° C and 3825° C, respectively. It is a highly malleable metal element for fine … Read more

Pistachio Price Chart, Historical and Forecast Analysis Provided by Procurement Resource

Pistachio is an edible kernel or nut belonging to Central Asia and the Middle East region. It is extensively grown in areas like Turkey, Iran, and the United States. The nut is closed in a hard shell and is beige in colour with a pale-green kernel inside. Request for Real-Time Pistachio Prices: https://procurementresource.com/resource-center/pistachio-price-trends/pricerequest The nuts … Read more

Procurement Resource Evaluates The Price Trends Of Copper Sulfate In Its Latest Insights And Dashboard

In the first quarter of 2023, the Asia Pacific region experienced a surge in copper sulfate prices as downstream industries improved, and production rates normalized after stagnation. However, the second quarter saw a bearish market due to rising inventories and reduced procurement by downstream sectors, only to regain momentum later with increased inquiries. In Europe, … Read more

Phosphoric Acid Prices: Latest Price, News, Market Analysis, Historical & Forecast, Database, Chart

In the Asian market, Phosphoric Acid displayed stability during the first quarter, but prices surged in the Indian market due to balanced utilization and consistent demand. However, the second quarter saw a decline as oversupply countered demand. Request for Real-Time Phosphoric Acid Prices: https://www.procurementresource.com/resource-center/phosphoric-acid-price-trends/pricerequest Meanwhile, Europe witnessed price reductions due to lowered production costs following … Read more

Price Trends of Potassium Chloride in its Latest Insights and Dashboard

Potassium chloride appears to be a white crystalline chemical compound made up of ions- potassium and chloride that has a salty flavour and no smell. Request for Real-Time Potassium chloride Prices: https://procurementresource.com/resource-center/potassium-chloride-price-trends/pricerequest It has a melting and boiling point of 776°C and 1420°C, respectively. It has a solubility of 34 grams per 100 millilitres in … Read more

LPG Price Trend Analysis, Historical Chart and Forecast

LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas, is a liquid hydrocarbon mix which is composed of butene, butane, propene, and propane. It looks like a colourless gas with no odour and has an added smell which makes its leak noticeable. It is a non-renewable energy source that is obtained from natural gas and crude oil with applications … Read more

Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Prices Today, Price Chart and Forecast Analysis Provided by Procurement Resource

Low-Density Polyethylene is a semi-rigid variety of polyethylene which is made up of around 4000-40,000 carbon atoms arranged in short or long-chain like structures. It is produced via free radical polymerization process under high pressure and high temperature. LDPE has low crystallinity. Its melting point varies around 105° C- 115° C. The key property of … Read more

L-Lysine Price History and Forecast Analysis Provided by Procurement Resource

Lysine or L-Lysine (C6H14N2O2) is available in many forms like creams, capsules, liquids and tablets, as it is a vital amino acid responsible for promoting tissue growth and rehabilitation. The nutrient is naturally produced by the body but can be taken in the form of a supplement as well. Request for Real-Time L-Lysine Prices: https://procurementresource.com/resource-center/l-lysine-price-trends/pricerequest … Read more

Paraformaldehyde Price History and Forecast Analysis Provided by Procurement Resource

Paraformaldehyde is a compound that is obtained from the polymerization of formaldehyde. The compound is a stable white crystalline powder that has a characteristic odor of the monomeric formaldehyde compound. It is insoluble in the existing chemical solvents, whereas slightly soluble in water. The melting and boiling point of the compound measure around 120° C … Read more