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Ashera Cats Prices in 2024 (A Detailed Guide)

If you’ve always wanted to have exotic animals at home but couldn’t due to legal reasons, cat breeds like Ashera can fulfill your dream. The rare breed doesn’t just look mesmerizing but also makes one of the best pets to have around the family.

However, every dream comes at a cost, and so do Ashera cats. The rarest the breed, the more expensive it is. If you’re wondering about Ashera Cat Price in 2024, you’ve landed on the right page.

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Ashera cats, including their features, monthly expenses, purchasing costs and other interesting facts about them. Let’s begin. 

What is an Ashera?

If you’re hearing it for the first time, you must not confuse Ashera with a brand. Ashera is one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world due to its exclusivity. It’s a mix of an African Serval, an Asian Leopard and a domestic cat, resulting in its wild appearance. 

At first glance, nobody can imagine such an exotic-looking animal to be friendly or calm. Though they might look dangerous at a distance, they’re sociable and easy to train. It’s almost like a tuxedo cat disguised in a leopard’s skin. 

Features of an Ashera Cat

While Asheras come in various colour combinations, the most common Ashera cat boasts a cream-coloured slender figure with distinctive brown spots all over the body. 

Whereas the Snowy Ashera cat has a whitish body with amber-coloured patches all over it. Royal Asheras have cream-coloured bodies with black and orange stripes or spots. 

You can distinguish an Ashera cat breed with its thick tail, big ears and spots across the body. The feline usually has a height of 4.9 ft which is slightly larger than ordinary domestic cats. 

Ashera cats weigh around 22-30 lbs and have an average lifespan of 25 years. They are usually intelligent, solitary, shy, calm and curious. 

Where Can You Get an Ashera Cat From? 

Ashera cats aren’t available to purchase at local pet stores or shelters because these are sterile breeds, which means they are produced at designated laboratories. 

Also, there are only a few Ashera cats produced each year, making them rare and expensive. Hence, buying them requires your undaunting patience and a big chunk of your bank balance. 

What Are Ashera Cat Prices in 2024? 

A full-grown Ashera Cat can cost you $1,25,000 in 2024, which makes it the most expensive cat in the world. Hence, it is still a dream for many Ashera enthusiasts to have one as a pet. 

Though the price might have shocked you to the core, it is justifiable due to its exclusivity. 

Monthly Expenses of an Ashera Cat 

Ashera cats need special care and frequent vet visits, resulting in slightly higher monthly expenses than most cat breeds. The monthly cost of an Ashera cat depends on the lifestyle that their owners are willing to provide. 

As soon as you get an Ashera cat, you need to spend money on the initial setup which can go around $950, including microchipping, vaccinations and more.  

Here is a complete monthly cost breakdown of an Ashera cat: 


The rare the breed, the better care and maintenance it needs. Hence, the average healthcare cost of an Ashera cat can go around $60-$165, depending on its requirement. 

Usually, Asheras are prone to common health conditions like Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and Periodontal Disease. 


Ashera depends on a high-quality animal-based protein diet to sustain itself, as it has a larger body size than other domestic cats. Hence, the monthly food cost of an Ashera can go around $25-$45. 

Pet Insurance

When you invest in a rare breed that has a considerably small population, you must also invest in pet insurance. The pet insurance for an Ashera can cost you around $25-$100 per month. 


While Ashera is blessed with a rare exotic appearance, you need to spend more on purchasing good quality grooming products like toothbrushes, shampoos, paw creams and more to preserve their beauty and hygiene. 

Overall Monthly Expenses 

The monthly expense of any pet varies depending on what kind of lifestyle you’re willing to provide them. The average monthly cost of an Ashera cat can go around $85-$200, including accessories, treats and more. 

Its overall expenses differ based on the geographical location. The average monthly cost can also fluctuate depending on the special requirements of your feline. 

Interesting Facts About Ashera Cats 

Here are a few interesting facts about Ashera cats: 

  • Ashera cats need both mental and physical stimulation, along with consistent exercise and a refreshing environment. 
  • Ashera has a hypoallergenic coat. 
  • Ashera cats were first introduced in 2007 by Lifestyle Pets. 
  • Asheras have big green eyes with a thick tail and big ears. 

To Conclude

While Ashera cats attract pet lovers at first glance, its ridiculously expensive price and authenticity are still subject to debate. They have a rare appearance and come in four different colour patterns. In contrast to their exotic appearance, they are considerably calmer and easier to train. This guide takes you through detailed insights into the Ashera Cat Price in 2024, including other related information.

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